Our Story

Leading the Charge in Esports Equipment Innovation

AutoFull is a leading brand in the esports peripheral equipment industry, offering gaming chairs, desks, cabins, and more. AutoFull committe to developing top-tier professional equipment.With its brand slogan of "BE YOUR OWN HERO", AutoFull's dedicated to promoting healthy esports and providing the ultimate gaming experience, we aim to spread the passionate and fearless culture of gamers worldwide.

AutoFull: The Top Brand in Professional Esports Furniture

AutoFull is a premier leader in esports furniture, dedicated to crafting bespoke solutions for gaming aficionados. Our lineup features top-tier gaming chairs and desks meticulously designed to elevate your esports journey.

“AutoFull is a leading brand in professional esports gaming chairs.”

“I highly recommend AutoFull to anyone looking foragaming chairfor both work and gaming.”

“AutoFull, a globally renowned brand known for creating professional-grade esports equipment.”

“Whether you need a cheap gaming chair or one with great lumbar support, here are the best gaming chairs on AutoFull”

Our Values

Professional, innovative, and trendy.

Through the essence of esports culture, innovative product functionalities, and cutting-edge aesthetics, AutoFull cultivates a professional, technologically advanced, and stylish brand identity. We are committed to strengthening and communicating these pillars, forging a powerful brand legacy.

Millions of Tests for the Ultimate Experience

With a dedicated R&D team of nearly a hundred professionals and a cutting-edge operational laboratory, AutoFull continually advances through rigorous testing. Our commitment to enhancing product craftsmanship, functionality, and materials is showcased through tens of thousands of functional tests, ensuring unparalleled quality and innovation.

Brand History

Leading innovation

The introduction of Dynamic Tracking Lumbar Support, Cushion with Ventilation and Heating Function, 6D Foldable Mechanical Armrests and Ultra-soft Porous Leather, that redefines gaming ergonomics


Collaborate with Rogue and Professional Legue

Developed new products with the LEC champion Rogue, and co-branded version with professional events; Introduced interactive flexible screens and RGB logo applications.


Collaborated with Famous IPs

Partnered with the global IP of Pokémon to lead industry CMF innovation.


Engage Professional Players in Product Design

Collaborated Top Clubs to engage professional players in product design; Ergonomic mesh gaming chair with a backrest inspired by original e-sports ID


Sponsored Professional League

Widely recognized by the public through event and team sponsorships; Launched RGB gaming chair with sound and light



voice-controlled gaming chairs- AF001

From play to work, easily switch between every moment

Our professional gaming chairs and gaming tables are designed to provide users with a comfortable sitting experience in all scenarios. Not only do they provide professional gaming players with a sense of ritual and atmosphere, but they also provide office workers with a sense of comfort and happiness in their work and life. Together with our adjustable height-adjustable desk, you can build a setting that allows you to easily switch between gaming and life.




AutoFull has partnered with some of the biggest names to diversify our esports outreach.