AutoFull C3 Gaming Chair, Graffiti Design

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AutoFull C3 Gaming Chair, Graffiti Design

AutoFull C3 Gaming Chair, Graffiti Design

€399,99 €299,99

AutoFull C3 Gaming Chair, Graffiti Design

€399,99 €299,99

    Elevate Your Gaming Experience

    Designed for comfort and style, they take your gaming adventures to the next level.

    Pro-Grade Ergonomics Gaming Chair

    Artistry Meets Functionality: Our graffiti-inspired gaming chair combines form and function, delivering a seating experience like no other.

    Exquisite Embroidery

    Our unwavering dedication to perfection is evident in each and every stitch, resulting in gaming chair of art.

    160° Reclining Function

    AutoFull gaming chairs back can tilt freely between 90°-160°. You can use the gaming chairs with footrest and rocking function to find a comfortable sleeping position.

    What are its advantages?

    Wider Cushion

    Removing the leg-squeezing flanks of seat based on customer feedback to accommodate for individuals of all sizes

    Premium Sponge Seat

    The seat cushion is made of high density shaped wadding, which is 30% denser than ordinary cushion foam and won't collapse easily.

    We Were Recognized By

    AutoFull Graffiti General Info

    According to QB/T 2280-2016 "Office Furniture Office Chairs", the submitted samples were tested and the inspected items met the standard requirements.

    Product information

    Faux Leather
    Seat Material Type
    One-piece Metal

    Top Level Functional Accessories

    Immerse yourself in the world of gaming like never before with our high-performance gaming chairs. Each of our parts undergoes professional quality inspection to ensure top quality and service

    SGS Cylinder

    High-strength Chassis

    Heavy-Duty Nylon Base

    Integrated Metal Frame



    Tilt Angle For Resting



    Weight Capacity

    Less Fatigue Even After Long Hours of Sitting

    AutoFull gaming chair have upgraded the cushion of this gamer chair according to customer demand, removing the side wings that squeeze the legs, making the seat spacious and free, suitable for both small and large body types.

    The shaped wadding seat cushion, comfortable rebound, even after a long time playing games, the hip is not easy to be sore.
    Larger Seat, Wider Space