Research & development


Every AutoFull gaming chair has to go through sufficient user demande research in its inception and strict inspections and meticulous procedures no matter from the material to the details of the process. To ensure the most comfortable experience for each customer, the birth of each gaming chair requires multiple rounds of proofing, and the user experience is invited to give feedback and suggestions and then modify it again.

Product Design


3 lighting modes, 7 lighting effects

AutoFull pioneered the combination of lighting and chair--3 lighting modes, 7 lighting special effects, and RGB magical lighting effects to help players truly realize an immersive gaming experience. The chair back is equipped with an editable pixel screen, 256 millimeter-level lamp beads, 16 million RGB colors, and free DIY, making the gaming more atmospheric and immersive.

millimeter-level precise waist support experience

AutoFull not only leads the way in innovative functional technology, but also makes great efforts to improve the comfort of gaming chairs. Through the bionic modeling of the physiological structure of the human head, neck and waist, the chair back model is accurately carved to fit the curve of the human spine. The built-in waist support can be adjusted through the knob to achieve a millimeter-level precise waist support experience.

comprehensive solution-Gaming Workstation

In order to bring players a full-scale immersive gaming experience, AutoFull has proposed a comprehensive solution-Gaming Workstation. The waist and back fit perfectly in the stress-free mode, eliminating the discomfort of sedentary sitting. According to research data, the distance between the naked eye and the object from 750mm to 850mm can effectively prevent dry eyes and myopia. The arms can be adjusted up and down ,back and forth, so you can find the best viewing distance..



RGB system

AutoFull has never stopped exploring the indispensable lighting elements for e-sports. After continuous research and continuous testing, the combination of RGB is finally effective. Luminous logos, logos, and light strips are integrated on many products. The fancy RGB system brings players a sense of immersive gameplay.

16*16 full-color screen

The screen uses 16*16 full-color RGB lamp beads, which are integrated by the main board (including main control ic, mcu, etc.) on the lamp board, and controlled through di voom (a mobile phone APP) and Bluetooth connection. The di voom community currently has nearly 2 million members worldwide, which is extremely creative and playable. Thousands of pixel animations and patterns created by the pixel masters in the community are used for free screencasting which is still being updated. You can also DIY graffiti, create animations and texts, and play classic mini games to maximize your entertainment.



Multi-function armrest

The widened and enlarged armrest surface, the 70mm lifting adjustment and the 50° range upturn, effectively support the arm and relieve arm soreness.

ergonomic lumbar pillow

The bionic modeling of the physiological structure of the waist and back of the human body enhances the intelligent pressure relief effect of the lumbar pillow and the strength of the spine support, to bring players a more scientific and comfortable support experience.

DIY your chir

The Velcro on both sides add more enjoyment and personalizes your chair to make it your own style.



fluorescent thread

AutoFull uniquely uses embroidery technology to combine the fluorescent thread with the chair, which absorbs sunlight during the day and glows naturally at night. Bright lines bring a stronger game atmosphere.

microfiber reinforced PU leather

In order to improve the breathability of the chair, AutoFull constantly searched for better materials, and finally found the "microfiber reinforced PU leather" commonly known as perforated breathable leather. This kind of leather can make the chair more breathable while preserving the leather sitting feeling. And it also has excellent abrasion performance, cold resistance, breathability and aging resistance.

High quality cowhide

In the choice of leather, AutoFull also selects a first layer of cowhide. Its surface has clear pores and clear texture, making it the best leather material.



UV printing

UV printing is a process with high reliability. UV inks are considered environmentally friendly because they do not cause volatile organic component (VOC) solvent volatilization problems. AutoFull used printing and dyeing methods to achieve exquisite patterns in most of the early designs of appearance.

Delicate fabric embroidery

The integration of embroidery craftsmanship makes the patterns infinitely restored  in 3D. Hundreds of thousands of needles are interwoven for more realistic patterns and more delicate touches.

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