AutoFull M6 Gaming Chair,Advanced, Ventilated and Heated Seat Cushion

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AutoFull M6 Gaming Chair, Redefining Esports Ergonomics

Experience gaming like never before with this revolutionary chair, breaking free from tradition for maximum thrill and enjoyment.

Four Technological Innovations

Sit Well, Win More. Upgrade your gaming experience with AutoFull M6 gaming chairs.

Ventilation & Heating

Cool in Summer, and Warm in Winter

Ventilation and Heating

Dual Fan Ventilation: After 10 mins, ventilation at level 3 reduces seat cushion temp by 56% compared to non-ventilated cushions.

Dual Blade Heating: Heating duration: 2 mins 20 secs, temp increases by 67% in 3 levels.

Dynamic Tracking Lumbar Support

Adapting to non-gaming postures, providing a more sustainable and comfortable gaming state.

6D Foldable Mechanical Armrests

Adapt to various video games for PC, mobile, consoles and so on.
* 40° incline
* 70° rotation
* 3.15 inches height
* 1.18 inches forward
* 0.79 inches horizontal
* 70° folding rotation

Ultra-soft Porous Leather

3°C cooler than traditional leather.
Cool in Summer.

What's the other Advantages?

160° Reclining Function

Adjustable backrest between 90 ° and 160 ° for all your reclining needs. You can use this chair with footrest and rocking function to find a comfortable gaming position.

Top Level Functional Accessories

Immerse yourself in the world of gaming like never before with our high-performance gaming chairs. Each of our parts undergoes professional quality inspection to ensure top quality and service

Soft PU Wheels | Durable & Quiet & Floor-friendly

1136kg Heavy Duty Base | Stable and Durable

Class 4 SGS/TUV Certified Cylinder


Product information

Wider for more freedom of seating; thicker for a softer, more durable feel. No Flank Design for Compatibility with Various Body Types