Will the Esports Chair Scratch the Floor?

Will the Esports Chair Scratch the Floor?

Ⅰ. Will the esports chair scratch the floor?


Because the wooden floor is fashionable and eco-friendly, many families would like to choose wooden floor while decorating, but some friends might worry about whether this kind of floor will be very fragile, and whether buying a gaming chair or a computer chair will scratch the floor?


Generally speaking, whether the gaming chair will scratch the floor is mainly determined by the material of the chair wheel. Like the pulley of general gaming chairs can be divided into aluminum alloy wheels, steel wheels, nylon wheels, etc. And aluminum alloy wheel chairs and steel wheel chairs will cause more damage to the floor than nylon wheel chairs, because there is metal in their material, the corners might be sharper, so it may scratch the floor. However, if it is a floor tile, the impact should not be large, but if it is a floor, the damage might be big.


However, although the aluminum alloy wheel chair is relatively more harmful to the floor, many esports chair wheels still use this material. The main reason is that this material wheels have high strength and good toughness, deformation and other aging conditions will not occur in high temperature and humid environment, and the key point is that the load-bearing capacity is very strong. For example, if fat people sit on a nylon wheel chair, it may not be able to bear the weight, but the aluminum alloy wheel chair can bear.


Ⅱ. How to avoid esports chair scratches the floor


Therefore, it is more recommended buying an aluminum alloy wheel chair while choosing the chairs. For the problem of wheels scratching the floor, it's suggested that you can take these two methods to avoid scratching:


1. Buy an aluminum alloy wheel chair with edges: For example, some high-quality esports chairs or computer chair manufacturers will consider the damage to the floor, so when they are designing the chair wheel, PU wrapping design would be carried out. In this case, only the surface of the outer PU material touches the floor, the damage is not large.


2. Lay a carpet pad: In fact, no matter what kind of chair it is, long-term procrastination or gravity pressure may cause a certain degree of damage to the floor. Therefore, for users who are concerned about this, the safest way is to put a small carpet pad under the chair directly, which can prevent the wheel from damaging the floor, and can also play a decorative role in the right color matching.


All in all, whether the gaming chair will scratch the floor mainly depends on the material of the wheel. If it is made of nylon wheels, the damage would be less, while the aluminum alloy wheels and steel wheels would cause more damage. However, due to the poor load-bearing and service life of nylon wheels chair, it is suggested buy chairs with aluminum alloy wheels. If you are worried about the damage to the floor, then you can buy chairs with edging wheels or put a carpet pad under the chair.

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