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What Are the Characteristics of Esports Chair?

by bai xuanlin 07 Aug 2022

Ⅰ. Get to know the esports chair


The esports chair is actually an electronic sports chair, referred to as the esports chair for short. From this name, we can roughly understand the role of the esports chair. The esports chair is specially prepared for people who play games. E-sports is an activity in which electronic game competitions reach the "sports" level. E-sports is an intellectual confrontation between people through electronic equipment as sports equipment. Through e-sports, you can exercise and improve the thinking ability, reaction ability, coordination ability and willpower of the participants, which can well cultivate the teamwork spirit of the participants. Then the seat used by the participants during the competition is the esports chair.


Ⅱ. The characteristics of esports chair


1. Mix and match fabrics: According to the comfort test results of European seat experts, the backrest of esports chair is made of soft leather for sports cars. The seat cushion is made of slightly harder racing-specific carbon fiber imitation leather, and the flanks are still decorated with the well-received racing-specific particle cloth.


2. Visual effect: The overall shape of the esports chair like a pink cute gaming chair is fashionable and atmospheric, not only in first-class practicability, but also in first-class decoration, realizing the perfect transition of the chair from pragmatism to new visualism.


3. Filling sponge upgrade: esports chair adopts special sponge for racing seats, which has passed 100,000 extrusion experiments without deformation.


4. Straight back: esports chair makes up for the low backrest of most computer chairs, and the head and neck cannot rest on it. At the same time, the esports chair also maintains the right-angle sitting posture of your hips and waist, which meets the first important right angle among the three right-angle sitting postures recognized by the medical profession.


5. 180-degree angle adjuster: the backrest of the esports chair can be adjusted to any angle you feel comfortable for rest or even close to 180 degrees, lying down for naps, lunch breaks and sound sleep; especially suitable for long-term computer office or gamers.


6. Adjustable armrest: The esports chair can adjust the armrest to a suitable height, so that the elbow joint of the keyboard and mouse for a long time is 90 degrees. It satisfies the second right angle recognized by the medical profession and effectively avoids shoulder and wrist slippage and hunchback caused by prolonged fatigue. You could buy a esports chair with adjustable armrest in gaming chair online store. AutoFull would be a great choice!


7. Iron five-star base: free to move, safe and strong, rich in metal texture and modern atmosphere, which brings great convenience to the "mobile office"


8. Lifting function: The esports chair can be adjusted to the most comfortable height according to the height of the desk or computer desk, and the super flexibility can show your wonderfulness at will.


9. The accessories are rich and flexible: such as headrests, lumbar pads, foot pedals, etc., providing more auxiliary equipment for health and comfort.

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