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The Professional Gaming Chair Shows the Personality of the Game

by bai xuanlin 07 Aug 2022

The esports industry seems to have risen overnight, which has left many doubting its long-term and investable nature. Internet cafes, professional teams, global events, live broadcast platforms, and game anchors have begun to enter the vision of young people and are quickly accepted. If you like e-sports, pay attention to e-sports events, and watch live games, you will definitely see that all kinds of e-sports players and game anchors will sit on a special chair, yes, this is an e-sports chair. Why do e-sports players and game streamers like to sit in professional gaming chairs to compete in games? AutoFull's gaming chair is not to be missed.


1. Get to know the professional gaming chair


The reason why the gaming chair is called a gaming chair is that the first thing you need to do when you sit on it is to have the feeling of gaming. AutoFull's professional gaming chair has this kind of feeling. In the intense and exciting game, you can clearly feel the adrenaline rushing wildly.


2. The benefits of professional gaming chair


Showing individual charm: E-sports competitions are a stage to show individuality, so is the professional gaming chair. The whole body of the Transmission Shield chair is made of imitation leather PVC fabric, which is quite soft to the touch. And this gaming chair is sweat-resistant and water-resistant, and the lines are clear and tough. For the hot-blooded competitive game, the design of white font and red and black color matching is adopted, which is very harmoniously integrated into the gaming chair. This red and black modern executive gaming chair is worthy buying.


Ergonomic design: In addition to appearance and personalization, gaming chairs should also focus on practicality, especially ergonomic design is the top priority. Legend Shield inherits the ergonomic design of AutoFull professional gaming chair. Compared with ordinary computer chairs, Legend Shield can strengthen the protection of human bones and muscles.


Among them, the high seat back, integrated headrest and adjustable lumbar pillow can not only provide stable support to the user's spine, but also ensure the comfort of the user's sitting posture. Through the 4D wrapping chair, game fans can devote themselves to the game world and fight fiercely in the virtual world. The seat cushion is filled with 45-density styling sponge, which can reduce the pressure on the buttocks, and will not feel tired after a long sitting game. The armrests on both sides of the professional gaming chair can be flexibly adjusted up, down, left and right. The surface of the armrests is designed with a concave arc, which can fit the elbows of both hands, providing stable support for the hands and delaying the fatigue of the elbows during long-term gaming. It can enhance the gaming experience.


Quickly turn into a reclining chair: When you want to close your eyes and rest when you are not playing games, by adjusting the joystick on the right side, the back of the legendary shield chair can be turned into a reclining chair, taking into account the advantages of gaming chairs and reclining chairs. A chair can quickly switch between games and breaks.

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